What’s good OTA Nation?

Hope life has been good for you guys.

I’ve been getting some questions from some of the Nation asking if a front squat or a back squat is better.

The truth is… they’re both great movements.

However, I do use them in different circumstances.

I like to use the front squat with athletes who have rounded shoulders and lack stability in their thoracic region.

The front squat forces them to create stability in their upper back and ultimately supports them in fixing their posture.

If the athlete doesn’t have these postural problems in the upper back region, then I’ll stick with a back squat.

Typically you can add more weight with a back squat and with a power athlete, I’m trying to add as much stimulus as possible to the glutes, low back, and hamstrings.

Hope that’s cleared up some of the confusion for you guys.

No movement is better than the other, but you should use them in the right circumstances.


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