Here’s my proven method for how you can instantly decrease your 60yd dash time. If you’ve got a showcase coming up or it’s preseason and you need to kill that 60… this is the number one way I work with all athletes who first come through my doors.

The same way I teach the 60, is the same way that my pro guys are getting more bags.

So when it comes to the 60yd dash, I break down training into three pieces so you can build on your acceleration.

1. Stance for 60yd Dash

Stance is purely your set up, the start is how you’re getting out and then your steps are the actual leg acceleration mechanics within the first 10yds.

The biggest thing I’ve realized with athletes is that they tend to be inefficient with their stance, or the way they set up for a steal or to run the actual 60. We know that in the 60, the steal start means you have to begin from a lateral stance and then essentially turn 90 degrees to run through the sprint.

So all I really want to do from a stance perspective is make that athlete super efficient in getting down the line.
Think of a bow and arrow… if there’s any bend or kinks in the arrow, it slows down when traveling its course. There’s no difference when you translate this over to speed.

Here’s a little cheat code for you to add in: open up the front foot.

A lot of guys begin their 60yd dash with a closed stance, meaning they’re starting laterally, with both feet pointing to the side. The first thing you’ll see is that the athlete wastes time and motion by having to open up the front leg for the toes to face down the line before even taking their first step.

That’s why I suggest pointing the front toes to 45 degrees so they face down the line. This is a game changer since you’re eliminating that initial step, and opening up the hips so you’re ready to move on GO. This first tip will instantly decrease your 60yd dash.

2. 60yd Dash Start

My next tip is paying attention to the back leg from your lateral stance. As you take your initial step, the back foot is going to want to pull forward into your next consecutive step. If you’re starting in a very wide legged stance, that back foot now has a lot of ground to cover before touching down next.

That’s why I have my guys begin with the front hip opened up. Do this by taking the back foot and lining up that heel with the arch of the front foot. You can then step this foot back, maintaining this same position. Now from this stance, the back leg will be able to cross over much quicker, helping you get down line WAY faster.

This technique is just utilizing simple physics to clean up your start position. Efficiency = speed.

3. First Steps

The final piece of the set up I want to address is having the athlete learn to load the hips properly. A lot of guys tend to tip forward, starting with their weight too far in front of their center of gravity. This means that you have to make yet another adjustment at your start, adding precious time to your 60yd dash. Rather, think about sitting your hips back and down so you can load the entire posterior chain and immediately drive laterally.

Set yourself up for a mechanical advantage so that you can easily make your way down the line. Tere’s a ton more details that go into the 60yd dash like hand placement, false step, start, etc. You should also consider working on your acceleration and top speed mechanics.

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