When it comes to improving agility, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Agility training requires a combination of different sport specific exercises and techniques to be effective. If you’re looking to enhance your agility, here are five essential keys to keep in mind.

1. Lower Limb Plyometric Exercises:

Lower limb plyometric exercises are an excellent way to improve agility by working across the ankle complex.

These exercises involve rapid and explosive movements that prime your feet and ankles to withstand the forces of change of direction exercises that are performed deeper into the agility training session.

2. Frontal Plane Agility Drills:

Frontal plane agility drills must be a staple in your training. Exercises that make you move laterally are going to be an important aspect to keep in mind when training for agility.

You need to be consistently performing more work in the frontal plane. Things like lateral power shuffles, karaoke, look back runs, crossover runs, and different hurdle drills in the frontal plane. Make sure you start these types of drills at a low level and progress from there.

3. Multi-Directional Plyometrics:

An important aspect to improving your agility is going to be multi-direction plyometric drills. These drills involve moving from linear to lateral, forward to back; making sure to mix it up and mimic what an athlete might face in their competition. Again, keep these simple and progress from there.

4. Multi-Directional Lunges:

Multi-directional lunges will be important to increasing your agility. These drills will include forward/backward lunges, lateral lunges, etc. Make sure to progress these from heavy resistance to rebound.

5. Core Stabilization Carries:

My favorite way to train for core is utilizing carrying exercises. These include anti-flexion, anti-extension, anti-rotation, anti-lateral flexion. Reason for it is because an athlete that can divert forces and stabilize their core without collapsing their upper half, will have better agility and overall better performance on the field.


Improving agility requires a combination of different exercises and techniques. Incorporating lower limb plyometric exercises, frontal plane drills, multi-directional plyos and lunges; as well as working on core stabilization will have a profound effect on your agility and performance. Remember to monitor your progress and consistency in training to see significant improvements.


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