Are you looking to improve your agility?

Do you want to be faster and more agile on the field or court?

Then you’re in luck! In this post, Coach Chris Barnard breaks down the three strength exercises that will help improve your agility.

Exercise 1: Rebound Lunges

Rebound lunges are dynamic strength exercises that provide significant benefits for agility. By engaging the lower body muscles and improving power, explosiveness, and coordination, rebound lunges enhance the ability to change directions rapidly, accelerate, and decelerate during agile actions in your sports.

I recommend doing forward and lateral rebound lunges to train across all planes. The continuous rebound during the exercise teaches the athletes to absorb and produce force quickly. A much needed skill if you want to be an agile athlete.

Exercise 2: Low-Seated Sled Drags

Low-seated sled drags are highly effective for agility development. By working on the inverse of linear deceleration, and working on a slow eccentric through knee extension movement; it develops an athletes ability to decelerate on a dime and cut in any direction they need to. The controlled leg drive involved in low-seated sled drags develops knee stability and builds a solid structural foundation in your knee to take on quick cuts in your sport.

Exercise 3: Cross-Over Sled Drags

Cross-over sled drags are are my go to exercise for developing lateral strength, stability, and agility.

In this exercise, the athlete attaches the sled to a harness and performs sideways movements while dragging the sled across the ground.

Cross-over sled drags primarily target the muscles of the hips, glutes, thighs, and calves, while also engaging the core for stability. These exercises improve lateral power, side-to-side movements, and change of direction, making them valuable for sports that require agility and quick lateral movements. By incorporating cross-over sled drags into your training routine, you can enhance lateral strength and improve lateral quickness.

Focus on maintaining proper form, generating power from the hips, and gradually increasing resistance for optimal results.

By incorporating these three strength exercises into your training routine, you’ll be well on your way to improving your agility and becoming a better athlete. Remember to start with a weight that’s comfortable for you and gradually increase the weight as you become stronger.

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