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It’s crazy how many athletes I’ve seen this year suffer from some kind of knee injury.

It seems like every year more and more athletes are landing the wrong way and destroying not just their knees, but also their athletic careers.

ACL related injuries are one of the worst injuries to have.

And it’s not very common for an athlete to come back on the field 100%, after tearing their ACL.

So in today’s video I’m going to show you 2 ways you can prevent an ACL tear from occurring.

The first tip is to test your bio-mechanics to see if you’re in the red zone for tearing an ACL.

To be honest with you I see a lot of athletes nowaday’s not knowing how to properly absorb force when landing.

This is a huge problem in today’s sports.

And to make matters worse most of the ACL injuries athletes face today are by non-contact.

Meaning they tore their own ACL by the way their body was positioned during the time of movement.

If you’ve been following OTA for a while you’d know that I spend a big portion of my training teaching my athletes how to properly land.

So first, we need to see if your biomechanics are actually off.

One simple drill I use is the squat jump.

If an athlete lands with his knees caving in, also known as a valgus knee angle, it means that they’re more likely to get injured during time of play.

What’s causing the valgus knee angle?

There are two reasons why your biomechanics might be off.

  1. A muscular imbalance
  2. Flat Feet

Whichever reason it may be, it’s important you perform the test on yourself to see if you need to start working on fixing your valgus knee angle. 

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

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