If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably heard me talk about my time I spent in Arizona playing juco football.

This was around the time I trained with Jay Schroeder, who introduced me to his philosophy of training using isometric contractions.

I still remember to this day the first time I met Jay.

He took me through an assessment that forever changed my life. He had me perform the exercise I show you in the video for a total of 5 minutes.

This was brutal because he wanted me to do 5 minutes straight, and if I fell before the 5 minutes were up I had to restart the timer.

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Those 5 minutes felt like an eternity but I was able to get it done after an hour of trying.

After that first meeting with Jay I became obsessed with getting better at this exercises. I didn’t want it to take me an hour to get 5 minutes straight.

I wanted to do it at the first shot.

That’s when I started performing this exercise every day.

Consistency was key here, after practice or training I would take 5 minutes aside and performed the movement.

I slowly progressed to doing 5 minutes straight.

I started at being able to hold 2 minutes straight, and every week I increased my time by 5-20 seconds, depending on how bad it hurt.

All I was concentrating on was holding it longer than I did last week.

After a few weeks of consistent practice I started noticing my athleticism improving dramatically. I felt more explosive and stronger than ever before, but the only difference was adding this exercise into my routine.

Ever since than, I’ve always recommended anyone looking to become a better athlete, to add this exercise.

After a week of doing them you’ll never look back.

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Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical



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