What’s good OTA Nation?

I’ve gotta be honest… 

I see lots of IG Vids of dudes doing seemingly impressive box jumps.

Boxes stacked up to the heavens, and dudes make the landing by the skin of their teeth.

And I’m not impressed at all.

Here’s why:

A lot of these guys have great hip flexibility, which makes it easier for them to land on high boxes.

The higher they can get their knees up, the higher they can stack the boxes.

So their box jump isn’t a display of their vert powers, it’s a display of their hip flexibility.


When they land in that full squat (ass-to-grass) position, they aren’t properly absorbing the force from their jump.

This gives them almost NO benefit.


I tell my athletes that the box height actually DOESN’T matter (and it’s 100% true).

As long as they get their center of mass as HIGH off the ground as possible on every. single. jump. they’re getting MAXIMUM benefit.

In fact, I’ve noticed that as the box gets higher, the form gets crappier.

Lack of full hip extension and crash landings are just a few of the things that come with stacked up boxes.

Bottom line:

Do your box jumps right, get your belly button as high as possible (not your knees) and get the full benefits of the box jumps.

Thank me later.

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