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I’ve been talking a lot about Vertical Jump lately, so I figured I’d provide you guys with an incredible warm-up to maximize your vertical efforts.

The warm-up I’m going to talk about can be used before games or practices.

It’ll be very useful for any sport or activity that really relies on your jumping ability.

This warm-up has three portions: Mobilization, Iso-Activation, and Dynamic-Activation.

Let’s get into it…



For the mobilization portion of the warm-up, we’re going to really focus on loosening up the muscles that make the knees cave in.

This means that we’re going to roll out the IT Band from your knee to right below the hip.

We’re also going to hit the piriformis and the groin.

By loosening up these muscles, we’re going to avoid the collapsing of the knees and provide maximum stability during the jump.


These two movements are really going to get our hips and glutes firing.

Both of these movements are going to utilize bands.

The first movement is going to activate the entire glute.

You’re going to place a band around around your ankles and do 10 lateral steps one foot, 10 steps backward at a 45 degree angle, and 10 steps straight back.

This movement hits all three portions of the glute making it a great movement to add to your vertical jump warm up.

The next movement is going to be a banded squat.

You’re going to place a band just above knee level, have your feet at vertical jump width, and perform 10-20 squats.

This movement is going to get the hips firing properly.

Make sure that you screw your feet into the ground to keep your knees from collapsing.


These last two movements are going to get the whole posterior chain firing, which’ll get you primed for your vertical jump activities.

It’s going to be a kettlebell swing (you can use a band if you want).

Make sure that you don’t have your feet too wide, as you want to mimic a vertical jump as closely as possible.

These swings will really translate over to your vertical jump well, especially if your focusing on getting triple extension


This is a great warm-up for those who want to fully tap into their vertical jumping abilities during training, practices, or games.

If you want to see any of the above movements in action you can watch the video below.

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