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Rise and Grind OTA Gang!

Hope you had an eventful weekend, I sure did.

Me and the Strength Camp Squad ended up going out on Saturday to celebrate the release of KING. It was a fun night filled with great food and a lot of laughs.

When Sunday came around I was up bright and early to hit the gym as always. I met up with my good friend Trey to get our explosive training in.

This is one of my favorite days that I’ve laid out in my new Vertical Jump Program.  

What we did this particular day was an arsenal of hip extension movements.  Try it out…

  1. Connected Hurdle Jumps: 10 x 1

We started with hurdle jumps to really get our nervous system firing.  I like these because I train my body to react off the ground immediately really getting that spring in my jumps as opposed to the static nature we usually perform with jumping.

  1.  MB Broad Toss:  10 x 1

Next we chose a ballistic movement of med ball tosses.  We utilize our lower body to generate as much power as possible while releasing the ball to really follow through the movement

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  1.  Seated Box Jumps to Single Leg Landing:  5 x 1 each leg

I tried these out because I wanted to find a way to work on absorbing force unilaterally.  Nothing groundbreaking or secret but I felt like they would help.

  1.  Single Leg Box Squat: 6 x 3 each leg

I made a video about these but I really liked them.  I start by eccentrically lowering myself with both legs then driving up with one leg.  Because I did these on a box, it was challenging from the static position. Try these out.

  1.  Sled Marches: 10 x 1

Grind work to get my legs back under me.  These also help teach angles when learning acceleration.  

Hope you guys like the workout. Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical



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P.S. Keep an eye out for my next email. I’ll be needing your help in a couple of things regarding my new Vertical Program.


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