What’s good OTA Nation?

How was the grind today?

I know you gave it your all and pushed your limits on every single exercise, drill, and rep.

I’ll give you heavy props for that.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing from a lot of our athletes recently and they seem to be running into vertical jump plateaus.

Plateaus are a very tricky thing, because our natural instinct is to muscle your way through those plateaus, but you may end up running yourself into the ground.

Instead, we need to use our intelligence to think of a way around them.

Because I live to help the OTA Nation get the results they desire, I’m gonna present two things you may not be thinking of that may be responsible for your vertical jump plateau.

#1- Too Much Focus On Force Production

When we want to jump higher, the first solution people offer you is every variation of jumping exercise you can imagine.

But what these people don’t realize is that that’s only one side of the coin.

Yeah, you need production to jump higher, but another very critical piece of getting that 40-inch vertical is force absorption or deceleration.

Training this overlooked aspect of the vertical jump can be key to busting through that vertical plateau.

My favorite exercise to train force absorption has to be the depth jump.

It’s simple and effective.

Another great exercise is a rebound jump, which puts the depth jump and vertical jump into one exercise.

You can find plenty of other great ones on my channel or other YouTube channels.

#2- Increase Absolute Strength

This should be a no brainer, but a lot of guys overlook weight training and its effect on their vertical jump.

So many guys focus on their power and explosiveness work but when it comes time to hit the weights, they just go through the motions.

Consider this your wake up call. 

If you’re not progressing on your big lower body lifts, whether it be a squat or any unilateral movements, you’re missing out on potential inches that could be added to your vertical jump.

Even your auxiliary exercises (as irritating as they can be sometimes) can play a role in getting your numbers up.

If you want to maximize your results, you need to give every single rep of every single movement in your workout your fullest attention.

And always, always, always try to increase the intensity on every exercise.

Hope this helps,

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