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What’s good OTA Gang!

We’re getting close to the release of The Flight System.

In two weeks time, you’ll be able to truly start improving your athleticism by increasing your vertical jump.

I’m super excited for every athlete to get their hands on this program. You see vertical jump training has been my obsession for the last 3 years.

Back then I came to a realization that every athlete, no matter the sport, should be concentrating on increasing their vertical jump.

It’s usually the basketball players that are looking to increase their vertical in order to throw down during games or whenever they please.

But as I’ve come to realize, every sport can benefit from an athlete with a higher vertical jump.

There’s nothing more related to performance for any sport more than your vertical. Any athlete that I’ve ever worked with always saw improvements in their actual game day performance when we started concentrating on their vertical jump.

I saw athletes from football, soccer, all the way to swimming, improve their game just because they improved their vertical.

Even a golfer saw improvements in his swing. I only had one golfer come to the gym but by increasing his vertical jump we improved his hip power, which allowed him to increase his driving power indirectly through a transference of energy.

I can keep going on and on but you get the point.

All vertical jump training is, is the development of your hips and posterior chain. These muscles are the ones that propel you up.

Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical


These are the same muscles that will produces an unstoppable athlete.

So get ready for a new you.

On March 21st you will start your journey to becoming the Ultimate Athletic Version Of Yourself.

Now on to #4 of the Top Ten Vertical Jump Drills:

#4 Med Ball Power Toss

I love the Med Ball Power Toss. Hands down one of my favorite.

It really mimics the vertical jump movement with an added emphasis on teaching you to produce force powerfully and fast.

It’s a great ballistic movement that really develops the entire posterior chain.

And the fact that this exercise focuses on concentrically overcoming resistance, really teaches the body to increase its RFD, which is simply how fast our bodies can produce force.

This leads to a higher vertical jump.

Now, go grab a medicine ball and start throwing it over your head. Get used to this movement because it’ll be in The Flight system.

Holler at you next time,

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Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical



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