Looking to increase your vertical jump?

There are 3 phases you need to concentrate on when training to develop the most neuromuscular power within your body.

Phase 1 is all about bio-mechanics,

In layman’s terms, how efficient your body moves.

If you have restrictions within your movement during the vertical jump, it’s going to add blocks that take away inches that we can easily get back.

If we eliminate these restrictions, we can increase our overall athletic performance and power.

The first thing we work on is technique; are you jumping properly?

Are your knees caving in?

This is where we’ll focus on, perfecting your jumping technique.

Then we turn our focus to stability.

Do you have proper stability throughout all your joints?

We take our time to work on stabilizing the ankles, knees, and hips through various different uni-lateral exercises.

Lastly, we start working on force absorption. Teaching your body how to properly decelerate and absorb that force, as opposed to producing it.

In order to really set yourself up for your athletic future, you have to take your time and focus on training your body to absorb and decelerate force FIRST. This is what Phase 1 is all about, it will last between 1-5 weeks.

In Phase 2 we start focusing on metabolic capacity.

The physical demands are increased in this phase.

We’ll do this through increasing volume and repetition. When we increase volume in phase 2, we’ll see better motor patterns.

This is what we’re really looking for, constant repetitions that produce a perfect single leg jump, or any vertical jump related style you want to master.

In Phase 3 we’ll be focusing on neuromuscular adaption.

This is when we put athletes through resisted style motions or movements,

Basically whatever we need to do to put an athlete in a setting thats going to mimic that physical demand an athlete will face in competition. This is what phase 3 is all about.

Next, we want to create as much efficiency within those movements, we do this by focusing on force production.

Doing a power movement and getting the most capacity out of it, the concentric portion is everything in phase 3.

Producing the most efficient sport specific movement that you possibly can.

By focusing on these 3 phases, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation of stability and force absorption that will allow you to add inches to your vertical faster then ever before.

If you’re looking for more in-depth lessons, check out my Advanced Vertical Jump Series below…


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