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If you haven’t heard by now I’ve kinda had this little goal I’ve been trying to reach for a little while.

Sometime last year I decided to come up with this outrageous goal to hit a 42” Vertical Jump.

Now if you don’t know a 42” Vertical is pretty huge by professional athlete standards.  In fact, it’s in the upper 3 percentile of every NFL combine athlete to ever compete.

But this is exactly the reason I chose this particular goal!

  1. I wanted to pick a goal that was “unreachable” and “crack the code” to not only teach you guys but show you it can be done.
  1.  I wanted to dive deep into research of human performance to learn the secrets of human performance and teach my body elite explosiveness.

As an athlete, I firmly believe that having elite power will make movement fluid and effortless but it will completely change the way you play the game.

Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical


Some scouts solely look for this explosive quality that they firmly believed couldn’t be taught.

Anyway, yesterday was my final training session where I wanted to peak and test all the hard work I’ve put in over the past year.

The results blew me away!

Not only did I get lean and efficient through this program.

I gained 3x my strength while leaning out.

I gained 3x my power while maintaining all my muscle.

I got faster in sprinting and agility.

But most of all I completely shattered my goal of 42” and hit a 44” Vertical Jump!

This new style I’ve been experimenting with has completely changed my outlook on training athletes and if you trust me I urge you to check out my newest program…

The Flight System

I’ve spent the past year tweaking and developing what I’m about to show you.  It’s not only allowed me to talk the talk but obviously, walk the walk with an elite vertical that will transfer over to every single aspect of my game.

Check it out here and hit me back if you have any questions.



Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical



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