Lateral Force and Total Body Power Lift: MLB Offseason

As the baseball season approaches, the guys are gearing up to enhance their performance on the field. A recent training session has been strategically designed to focus on lateral force and total body power, with the primary goal of mitigating soreness and preparing players for the upcoming challenges.

Switching Strategies for Optimal Results

One notable highlight of this session is the shift from an upper-lower split to total body training. The decision to make this switch stems from the desire to reduce soreness among athletes, particularly as they engage in activities like taking ground balls, fielding, running with cleats, and extensive hitting. The switch aims to optimize training efficiency during the remaining month and a half of the off-season.

Emphasis on Lateral Force and Concentric Phase

The training protocol places a significant emphasis on lateral force and the concentric phase in the lift. Athletes engage in a series of dynamic drills, including roll overs, glute bridges, scorpion series, lateral pogos, lateral power shuffle, lateral crossover bounds, and karaoke for power. These exercises target specific muscle groups essential for lateral movements, contributing to improved agility on the field.

Progression of Exercises

The session incorporates a carefully planned progression of exercises to systematically challenge and enhance athletes’ capabilities. Starting with lateral push-offs, the intensity builds through skater jumps to ascending jumps, encouraging athletes to develop explosive power. Each exercise in the progression is meticulously chosen to complement the overall goal of the training session.

Speed and Agility

Lateral shuffle and linear short shuttle drills take center stage to improve speed and agility. These drills require athletes to focus on quick transitions and speed, essential attributes for success in baseball. The combination of lateral and linear movements ensures a well-rounded approach to athletic development.

Explosive Power

The workout reaches its pinnacle with the combination of trap bar deadlifts and approach box jumps. This contrast set targets explosive power, incorporating both concentric and eccentric phases. Athletes are challenged to move weights with intent and follow it up with dynamic box jumps, translating strength gains into functional power.

Upper Body Strength and Conditioning

The training session doesn’t neglect upper body strength, featuring a contrast set of neutral grip pull-ups and landmine presses. This combination ensures a comprehensive approach to strength development, focusing on both the back and chest muscles.

The session concludes with a series of exercises aimed at a strong finish. Lateral sled drags, Nordic hamstring curls, and medball side slams serve as the final components of the workout, further enhancing overall strength and conditioning.

In summary, this baseball training session stands out for its strategic focus on lateral force, total body power, and agility. The switch to total body training, the progression of exercises, and the incorporation of speed and agility drills contribute to a well-rounded approach to off-season preparation. Athletes looking to elevate their performance can explore the full offseason baseball program, promising a comprehensive training regimen for success on the field.


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