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What’s good Overtime,

Ever since I released my 44’ inch vertical jump video on youtube a few months ago I’ve gotten countless messages from athletes asking me why I haven’t released a dunk video yet.

It’s funny how many people assume that somebody is a great dunker based off of his vertical jump. And in today’s video, I explain exactly why this assumption is dead wrong.

What most people don’t understand is that dunking is a skill.

Just like in baseball, you can be strong as a MF but a baseball player will out bat you any day.

Batting is a skill that players learn through practice, and if you want to become a great dunker you need to do the same.

Here are two things I invite you to focus on.

  1. Sports Specific Body Control

     2. Body Control through Integrated Exercises

First is sports specific body control.

What exactly is this?

It’s pretty much practicing the exact thing you want to get better at. So for you, it’d be dunking.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, “I can’t dunk, that’s the problem.”

Here’s the solution.

Lower the net. By reducing the height of the basketball net you give yourself more time during your flight to practice the movements of the dunk.

Remember this is a skill set.

So pick out 10 dunks you want to master, list them from easiest to hardest, and practice them every day.

The second thing you can start doing to increase your dunking performance is integrated exercises. These exercises are total body movements where you train the body to improve its “body control” through increasing the efficiency of energy transfer through the torso.

So you can do a box jump with a 180 twist in mid air, or a reverse lunge with a twist.

Basically, any movement where you’re essentially utilizing the lower body, transferring energy up through the upper body and being able to control the body as you twist and contort.

These two methods have been the best I have found to improve body control.

If you want to dunk or just have way better control of your body start utilizing these two methods.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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