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Yesterday I released a new video on my top 4 favorite exercises to increase my athletes bench press.

As most of you know, I’ve been experimenting with Tri-Phasic Training for a couple of years now, and it’s become my go-to method for increasing my athlete’s strength and athleticism.

In the video, I explain the 4 different ways I use the bench press and triphasic training to elicit different responses in my athletes.

  1. Bench Press

This is the O.G. exercise for increasing pressing power and strength. If I’m using this exercise with my athlete I’ll make sure to use some form of tempo.

Every other exercise extends from this one.

  1. Floor Press

I love this exercise for working on my athlete’s weak points. I call it Limited Range of Motion Training.

Most of the time it’s the top half of the lift where athletes get stuck.

By doing floor presses we strengthen the top portion of the bench press, making lockout much easier.

  1. Board Press

The board press is much like #2 but uses a more dynamic movement to lift the bar.

In the floor press, we start from a static position, meaning we’re not bouncing the bar up and down.

During the floor press, I want my athletes to touch the floor with their triceps, pause for a second or two, and then explode up.

The Board Press is different in the sense that we’re not pausing at the bottom.

We’re still working limited range of motion during this exercise, but we’re repping the weight and using more volume, which will elicit a different response.

  1. Band Resisted Bench Press

There are two different variations that I use with resistance bands.

The first is a speed movement.

This is where I have the athletes rep out 3-4 presses as fast as they can. Which means they’re absorbing force and producing it every single time.

The second variation is a more strength based movement. I’ll use thicker and bigger bands and have the athlete perform 1-5 reps using the heavy weight/bands.

This will elicit a different response as well.

Depending on which type of response, or what the athlete needs to improve on, will determine which form of bench press you’ll be using.



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