What’s going on Ultimate Athletes,

Today I wanted to come at you with an awesome transformation that one of my athletes here at Strength Camp has gone through.

His name is Adaris Bellamy

And he came to me 17 weeks ago looking to improve his athletic performance before participating in a NFL Combine or Pro Day.

It’s crazy to see how far this athlete has come in such a short amount of time.

When Bellamy first got to Strength Camp we wrote down his baseline numbers for all the movements we wanted to see him improve on.

His starting numbers were impressive to begin with. You see, Bellamy was the #1 running back in Florida out of high school by many scouts so his athletic performance was better than any other athlete in the state. Meaning he was close to reaching his athletic potential.

And as most strength coaches know, it’s harder to see improvements on someone that has reached such athletic performance.

But since I’m so confident in my ability to develop athletes even more I had no doubt in my mind that my program would make him even better.

When Bellamy first started he was 234lbs at 15% body fat. Seventeen weeks later and he’s standing at 238lbs with 10% body fat.

That’s a 16 pound increase in Lean Body Mass.

This number blew me away but his squat and vertical improvements are what really stood out.

We tested out these two exercises yesterday and saw an improvement of 130 pounds on his squat and 5.5 inches added to his vertical jump.

These were his numbers:


September 1, 2015 – 365lbs 1RM

December 28, 2015 – 495lbs 2RM

Vertical Jump

September 1, 2015 – 31 inches

December 28,2015 – 36.5 inches

He’s come a long way and we still have a few months. Plus he hasn’t even begun to drop the final bit of his weight.

Wait til he gets to a super lean 230 lbs.  He’ll be a monster.

He’s going to kill it in the combine.

I’ll keep you guys posted on his journey to the NFL.

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