Essential Single Leg Exercises For Athletes

No matter what level athlete you are, incorporating single-leg exercises into your training routine can take your performance to new heights. In this blog post, we’ll explore five dynamic single-leg exercises we utilize in Athletic Strength Formula that target various muscle groups, enhance stability, and contribute to overall athletic prowess.

Crossover Lunge Variations:

  • Crossover Step-Up: Keep your toes forward and execute a controlled crossover motion. This exercise not only engages your lower body but also challenges your balance and coordination.
  • Curtsy Lunge: Take it up a notch with the curtsy lunge. Cross your back leg over as far as possible while maintaining control. This variation adds a dynamic element, targeting different muscle fibers and promoting functional movement patterns.
  • Sled Pulls (Advanced): For an advanced challege, incorporate sled pulls into your routine. With a heavy sled, maintain a neutral spine as you crossover and engage your lower body. Sled pulls not only build strength but also enhance your ability to generate power.

Overcoming ISO Split Squat:

  • Set up at mid-thigh to knee level. Utilize either a trap bar or a regular barbell and secure it under an immovable force. Grab the bar, raise your heel slightly, and position yourself in a split squat. Engage your muscles as you pull against the immovable force, and then explosively drive up through the ball of your foot to stand.
  • What sets this form of isometric training apart is its ability to increase tendon stiffness more effectively than traditional full-range-of-motion reps.
  • The offseason is the perfect time to integrate overcoming isometrics into your training routine. This is primarily due to the need for prolonged exposure to achieve true tendon stiffness adaptation.

3.  Lower Body Correctives:

  • ISO Step Down: Maintain proper joint angles as you push your knee forward slightly over the toe. This exercise sets the foundation for knee health.
  • Progress through different variations, from loaded or unloaded Decel step-down to a front-loaded single-leg box squat. These progressions offer a comprehensive approach to supporting your knees throughout the season.

4. Heel Walks:

  • Counterbalance the stress on the balls of your feet with heel walks. Perform this corrective exercise to activate the anterior tibialis, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced lower limb.

5. Front Load Forward or Walking Lunge:

  • Utilize a goblet, barbell, or club bell for front-loaded lunges. This exercise emphasizes deceleration, mirroring the motions required in sports when stopping abruptly.
  • Focus on thoracic extension and upper body stabilization during deceleration in these exercises. Mastering this motion enhances your ability to stop, change direction, and excel in sports-specific scenarios.


Incorporating these five single-leg exercises into your training regimen will not only diversify your workout routine but also contribute to improved strength, stability, and athletic performance. Remember to start with the appropriate progression based on your fitness level and gradually challenge yourself as you grow stronger. Elevate your training and unlock your potential.


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