Try This Athletic Core Stability Circuit

Core stability is vital for power athletes.

Think about it… Every time you jump, sprint, cut, leap, or explode in a certain direction, you’r transferring high amounts of force through the core.

And if your core is weak, it’ll be like a leaky pipe. Except you’ll leak force. This will result in less speed, a lower vertical jump, and less overall explosiveness.

This is why core stability is one of the first problems I address when athletes come back from the offseason or a new athlete comes into the gym. Because without the core stability, they won’t see the athletic gains they want to see.

I usually train one or two movements for core stability, but from time to time I’ll implement circuits.

And I want to share a couple of circuits with you that you can do at home to build a stronger, more stable, and more athletic core.

Core Stability Movement #1: Plank Press-Ups x 20

This core stability will teach you to maintain a tight and stable core while moving. To perform this movement, you’ll start in plank position. From there, you’re going to press up onto one hand then the other. Repeat on the other side for the desired reps.

The goal here is to keep the core tight without rotating too much, while also keeping the hips down. The upper half of the body from the chest down should stay strong and stable throughout the whole set.

Core Stability Movement #2: Plank Rolls x 10 Ea.

This is another movement that begins in plank position. For this core stability movement, you’ll want to keep the lower body stiff. Start in plank position and roll your hip down towards the ground while keeping the core tight. Come back to center and switch sides.

Core Stability Movement #3: Side Plank Hip Lifts x 20 Ea.

Side Plank Hip lifts work stability through the obliques while also working lateral flexion in the core. You’ll start in side plank position and drop your hips towards the ground without making contact with the ground. From there, you’ll lift them back up towards the ceiling and repeat for desired reps.

Core Stability Movement #4: Plank Bird Dogs x 10 Ea.

This movement will really challenge your core stability, so it’s imperative that you do it correctly. Start in the top of push-up position. From there you’ll raise your opposite leg and opposite arm straight out. Hold for one second then come back down and switch sides.

Make sure your butt doesn’t hike up, and also ensure that the hips don’t sink down to low. The last thing to keep in mind is that you should keep your hip bones level. A lot of guys tend to rotate their hips when they perform this movement. Do your best to keep them level throughout the whole movement.

Core Stability Sets

There’s not going to be a prescribed amount of sets for this athletic core stability circuit. Instead I’m going to challenge you to complete as many sets as possible in the allotted amount of time. That amount of time is going to be 5 minutes.

Take as little rest as possible, and push yourself. That’s what athletes do.

Reach out to me and let me know how many you got.

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