3 Leg Exercises for Elite Body Control

During the last month before heading into season, I try to peak my athletes. That means try to get them in top physical shape before they head into camp or training. As we get closer to training camp, I begin to use integrative movements. I want to force couple movements with each other.

Force coupling is the act of muscles moving synergistically to perform a certain task. You can probably start to see how this would be important for power athletes.

And whether you’re a football player, hooper, or a baseball guy, you should know that the trunk/core is the key piece for integration. The core is involved in almost every movement you perform. In the majority of sports, you need to build your capacity for anti-rotation. Anti-rotation is your ability to resist rotation of the trunk.

Naturally, it should be our goal to integrate the core in our explosive movements for more body control and explosiveness.

To achieve this, I like to combine anti-rotational movement with some kind of lower body exercise.

And below, I’m going to share one of my favorite exercises to integrate the core for body control and explosiveness.

I see so many athletes who lack that elusiveness and agility that makes them lethal on the field. And the reason is because they don’t have the ability to transfer the force through their torso.

The exercises below will help you achieve that.

3 Progressions for More Body Control and Explosiveness

The three exercises fall into three different categories: Structure, strength, and speed.

The structure exercise should be done as a warm-up, the strength exercise during your strength portion, and the speed one during your plyometrics.

Let’s get into them:

Dowel Rod Rotation w/ Reverse Lunge

  1. Begin with your feet hip width. arms extended straight with a dowel rod in hand
  2. Take a big step back with one leg
  3. As you do that, rotate the torso and try and reach the rear heel with the dowel rod
  4. Come back up and switch sides
  5. Make sure to keep the core braced, and not to over-rotate.
  6. Also make sure you rotate as you step back into your lunge. A lot of guys try to compartmentalize the movemeents and that defeats the purpose of the movement

Integrated Reverse Lunge

  1. Begin with your feet hip width, weight plate in hand.
  2. Take a step back into a reverse lunge
  3. As you do this, slightly rotate the weight towards the hip opposite the lunging leg
  4. Control the urge to let the momentum of the weight carry you, as that defeats the purpose of the movement

Integrated Jumping Lunges

  1. Begin with your feet hip width, medball in hand
  2. Step forward into a quarter lunge position, keep the weight on the front leg
  3. Rotate the torso so the medicine ball is at the same hip as the front leg of the lunge
  4. Jump and switch legs
  5. As you do, rotate the ball to the opposite hip
  6. Repeat on both sides as needed

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Obviously, there’s more that goes into developing agility than just force coupling.

Footwork drills, change of direction movements, and reaction training all fall into training for agility.

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