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What’s good Ultimate Athletes,

So about a week ago I got a question in the comment section of on one of my recent videos.

The question was:

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I looked at this question and thought to myself:

“Do athletes really still believe these old school rules?”

That’s when I decided that I would make this video to finally debunk this rule. You see athletes are already doing some form of plyometrics when they play their sport.

You’re jumping, you’re bounding, you’re sprinting.  Point is in most sports you are absorbing and producing force.  I will add that absorbing force is a little more aggressive for younger athletes but in a controlled manner they can see great changes to their biomechanics.

You’re doing very basic forms of plyos, but you’re doing plyos nonetheless.

So what I recommend you do if you want to incorporate plyometric training into your program is start with basic plyo exercises.

Basic Plyo Exercises

Low Squat Foot Jumps

Low Depth Jumps

Split Lunge Jumps



Rebound Jumps

After a couple of months of performing these exercises you can advance to more complex variations.

Hope that helps you guys get a deep understanding of why that old school plyo rule doesn’t apply necessarily anymore.

Holler at you next time,

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